Community support helps Julia build her dream

Julia[1] is a young woman suffering from bipolar disorder. Recently she experienced an intense episode that led to inpatient admission. Julia’s health plan referred her to Carelon Behavioral Health’s Care Management (CM) program, which provided her with the proper support to manage her diagnosis.

The CM team successfully engaged Julia by providing a counseling referral and helping her work through her initial dissatisfaction with the experience. Using communications strategies provided by CM, Julia successfully expressed her feelings to her provider, which led to a better treatment experience. CM remained engaged with Julia throughout her care journey by assisting her with appointment scheduling and providing overall care coordination.

The Care Management team helped Julia access critical community supports. This, along with Julia’s continued engagement, led to the stabilization of her mood and behavior. Now Julia is working toward her goal of starting her own business while continuing treatment.

[1] The member’s name has been changed to protect privacy.